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Prawa autorskie. In addition to his many books and articles, he has written two novels. He has also served in leadership roles in educational and religious organizations. Informacje bibliograficzne. Bianchi Wipf and Stock Publishers , 17 sie - 0 Recenzje Elder Wisdom invites us to a refreshing new vision of aging in the company of one hundred creative elders who share their insights and experiences about getting older.

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Sekcja 4. Sekcja 5. She met my grandfather, a singer in a traveling trio called the Shows Brothers, amidst the glitz of Hollywood stardom.

My father travelled cross-country to serve in the Marines. My mother left Missouri at age 16, setting course for the promise of sunny California.

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So, I turned 18 and enrolled in university in Washington, DC. As weeks to departure turned to days, I became uncharacteristically lethargic with no readily-apparent cause. FedEx boxes remained unpacked. To-do lists left unchecked. Suitcases laid open with semi-appropriate attire thrown hastily inside.

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My grandmother sensed my private struggle. White orbs appear more often than colored orbs, and that makes sense because guardian angels travel in white orbs, and guardian angels are present with people more than any other type of angel. If a guardian angel appears to you inside an orb, it may be to simply encourage you that you are loved and cared for, or it may be to inspire you to have faith when you're going through challenging circumstances.

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Usually, when angels manifest in orbs, they don't have complex messages to deliver. Showing up in an orb is a simple, unimposing way of blessing those to whom they appear.

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Sometimes angel orbs feature colors, and the colors indicate the type of energy that is present within the orb. The meaning of the colors in orbs usually corresponds to the meanings of the different angel light ray colors, which are:. In addition, orbs may feature colors beyond the seven angel light rays that are associated with other meanings, such as:. Occasionally, people can see the faces of spirits inside angel orbs. Such faces reveal clues to the emotional messages that the angels are expressing. Share Flipboard Email. Whitney Hopler has written on faith topics since Updated January 22, Blue power, protection, faith, courage, and strength Yellow wisdom for decisions Pink love and peace White the purity and harmony of holiness Green healing and prosperity Red wise service Purple mercy and transformation.