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Brand and Wissen offer an innovative perspective on the limits of capitalist nature. The book is an important addition to the literature on the eco-social transformation of contemporary capitalism.

revolutionary reflections | ‘Green Capitalism’: a critical review of the literature: part 3

Scholars, students and activists should read it. This book has breakthrough appeal. It cuts through a thick layer of ideology around the crises of the societal relationships with nature in an age of climate change. Its innovative and precise core concept of 'the imperial mode of living' reveals the chief contradictions of daily life in neoliberalism and is a crucial contribution to current debates on the Capitalocene.

Everybody who wants to know why and how contemporary capitalist societies are so unsustainable, why a Great Transformation is such a big challenge, but also which alternative strategies do already exist, should read this book. It provides a powerful explanation as to why the current mode of production and living is socially unjust, ecologically disastrous and a major obstacle for an attractive future.

Request Inspection Copy. Pages: 94— Pages: — Biographical Note Martha E. Gimenez , Ph. She has published numerous articles and book chapters in topics such as Marxist feminist theory, population theory, ecology, inequality, domestic labour and reproductive technologies. Specialists in Marxist theory and methodology and all interested in the oppression of women, Marxist feminist and social reproduction theories, including professors, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and academic libraries.

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